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Re: Discussion: The Decline of Era

Post by Dave » Tue May 07, 2019 3:26 am

Would just like to point out if you really want to get there is always the option of getting the materials and making things like a Scorpion Harness or Haubergeon yourself, you don't just have to buy it off AH. Or ask someone to make them for you. Ask for help in getting the materials themselves and camping Simurgh for a D ingot or doing BCNMs for a Venomous Claw. This is an MMO after all, it's meant to be played together with other people ;)

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Re: Discussion: The Decline of Era

Post by oban » Tue May 07, 2019 4:06 pm

I can understand why you would be upset by posts that you see as complaints. I/we do know that you work very hard on this server. Unfortunately negative feedback cannot be helped but to be received as personal attacks in this scenario. I really am sorry sorry to be part of what makes you feel that way.

As much as I'd like to just agree with you and move on, I can't. You ask for suggestions on solutions. Well, IMO you guys had a great solution to what harms many private servers. An economy.... Grumblix was much more than an ATM. It wasn't just about turn in an insect wing and get 250k. In truth I turned in one item and said screw this! Hitting a million points seemed daunting to me for a Morrigan's robe. However, other folks liked having that goal and drove towards it. What it did for me was move the things I put on the AH. There was a demand for the supply. I made my gil not from Grumblix directly, but indirectly from other players buying the items they needed to turn in.

Some servers have tried to just have a bot buy up things on the AH. I guess that works ok too in some regard. Though what I've found is it is a tremendous amount of work on the part of the coders. Then becomes forgotten/neglected and fails to work well. Grumblix was a solution that didn't need so much upkeep. Supply and demand drives an economy. Grumblix would essentially take an item from you and throw it on a burn pile and it was gone. But gil was earned. Which in turn was used to go back and buy the next item or mats to make it. Hence the demand.

Unless you have a population of thousands like retail or a server like Nasomi. You cannot work on a purely player driven economy. There is just not enough demand. Nobody is going to buy low level items because the levels are passed by too fast for that. Access to good low level stuff for free (Garrison) also kills the need. So getting started off on a server like this can be tough. Nobody is buying your rabbit hides to make a lvl7 or w/e +1 mantle. You'll be lvl 7 for 30 seconds. Where as on Nasomi it takes 1/2 a damn day to get to lvl 10. So maybe some of the 600 characters on at a given time needs or wants something like that.

Era has had it's own niche. I don't believe it was designed to one day be another Nasomi or now Eden. You guys created a server that was geared toward folks who either do not want to focus so much on leveling or simply don't have that much play time. People like me who are parents, spouses, or have a demanding occupation/career. Giving us a server where we can experience all the great things about FFXI without all of the time sink. We love that about Era. But for w/e ungodly reason, servers where you have to lay down your time in droves just to get a lvl 75 character are seemingly thriving.

If you are looking for suggestions, here is mine. Decide what you want Era to be. Make it VERY clear. Either you are going to be a server that might be considered "Easy Mode" for people like myself. Or you are going to move in the direction of the more "Hard core" servers. Era to me is providing a server for those who want to experience end game. Nasomi is built for people who want the journey of getting there. The moves made in recent months have shown a direction away from the former. That is why we are losing those players. We are STILL a much more "time" friendly server which is appealing to those giving us a try. But without the means to match up to the current economy, they will likely not stay.

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Re: Discussion: The Decline of Era

Post by Knowone » Tue May 07, 2019 5:41 pm

The "Vision" of the server is to emulate upto a pre abysea era. Circa august 2009. With perks of easy of leveling aka. 4x xp as stated. Ease of travel aka. Hp warps, custom warp npcs, ect. And a system in place to help you level your jobs aka. Buffing moogles. With a custom mentor mode that lets people who want the nasomi way of leveling just do that with a 1x xp rate.

So when ever something becomes code to fit that 2009 server feeling we try to implement becuase as a private server thats not in a finished state it will always be changing to this goal.

We take case by case senerios that may be out of realm and decide if its worth it. Say chocobo whistles, hp warps, food items, spells, you name it. There is so many things.

There are also things that becuase we update to dsp occationaly we get stuff that may have been working that now doesnt. Thats the butt of our time goes into custom fixes.

You also have custom ways of doing stuff that was in before 2009 becuase its not coded correctly yet. Say zeni, the cameras dont function, no code is made to make plates or put info to them. But maybe 1 day someone makes it pulls to dsp amd on our next update we adopt it. If its retail way. We will drop out custom code for the correct way.
Goes for mystic nms, allied notes, ect.

Now me and a few of my gms descussed and in pretty much 1 day have a new solotion to grumblix via a new style hunt.

Without giving whole story away:
Npc asks you to kill a mob and bring back his goods you can either
1. kill it come back and collect points
2. Kill it and trade its item for points plus a bonus
3. Just trade its item for points. Can be from ah or what you have already, whatever.

Its in early stages but have core work done, a base script and story laid out, and some 300+ targets in spreadsheet waiting to be added

Im actually pretty excited.
And theres talk of bringing back old grumblix for repeatable turn ins for cash like it use to be

Going to be a real goblin mafia story line tied all together with back ally deals and a "Hit list"

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