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Paypal has an "instructions to seller" field where you should specify as much as possible in accordance with this information. You should also FILE A TICKET via the FFEra HelpDesk
::Important:: If you do not provide information at the time of the donation it could be a long time before we can figure out what you want.
When you donate, please make a ticket and label it as "donation". Add a Screenshot of the receipt inside of the ticket, also add the amount you donated and what you want. Thank You.

A word from administration concerning donating.
Era is a free to play community, and we don't mean free to play until you pay.
We are strictly against "pay-to-win" scenarios.
As a player there is nothing more disheartening than seeing someone equate your hard work/time to a dollar amount.
As an administrator there is nothing more frustrating than being treated like customer service.
Above all, donating is for server costs, not player services. This is simply an added Thank you from the Administration Team.

Donator Forums

Players with a donator tag for the forums will have access to the Donators forum area which is usually hidden from the general masses. The Perk to this is being able to see the projects that the Dev team will be working on and you can have an input or validate whether or not you wish for a certain project to go ahead in terms of custom content.
The Donator's forum tag can be received with any donation. It is an option to have this tag after a donation, so please ask for the donation tag while writing your donation.


Cosmetic's are $1 a pop, example list below.
Note! You may ask for other cosmetic items outside of this list, but not all items are coded in the game. You may have to hit the buzzer for another try!

Chocobo Whistle

Chocobo Whistle's are $5 per character.

You can Summon your very own mountable Chocobo with this shiny whistle, only available in yellow at this time. Mounts are now available in game, but that doesn't mean the chocobo whistle lost all its merits. If your mount is on cool down or your just in the moode to ride a chocobo and spaz out to chocobo music, than this is still a fun item to have.

Character Creation

For Race or Face changes please do the following.
Make a new dummy character with the changes you want. Add the dummy characters name in the ticket, and the name of your Character we're changing.
If its possible you see a player with the changes you want, you can use their character's name instead of a dummy character.

Example for ticket. Dummy Character = "Cheeze" My Character I want changed = "Ckay"
Thank you.

Race or Face changes are $5 per change.
Name changes are $2 per change.

Linkshell Forum

Its $5 to have your Linkshell's own forum section on the ERA's forum.
::Important Note:: Please seek out a GM or Admin to request this option before donating. We won't be giving one man Linkshells their own Forum space.

Custom Donation Weapon Skills:

Its $2 per Weapon Skill or $20 for all fourteen

These weapon skills are by no means a must. The Custom Donation Weapon Skills are almost a copy of a preexisting Weapon Skill.
The disparity and benefits include. New Skill Chain options and way cooler animations.

Example: Exenterator can close a Light SC, unlike its predecessor Dancing Edge.
  • Exenterator = Dancing Edge
    Resolution = Guillotine
    Stardiver = Penta Thrust
    Entropy = Guillotine
    Blade:Shun = Blade:Jin
    Jishnus Radiance = Sidewinder
    Last Stand = Slug Shot
    Myrkr = Spirit Taker
    Cloudsplitter = Rampage
    Realmrazer = Hexa Strike
    Tachi:Shoha = Tachi:Kasha
    Upheaval = Raging Rush
    Victory Smite = Asuran Fists
    Requiescat = Vorpal Blade

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