New augment system

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New augment system

Post by Knowone » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:12 pm

New system will be based on a currency on your status menu. It will be using the cruor currency.
Can check it status > currencies > cruor. It's close to the bottom of the list.

Will have 2 ways of collecting points.
1. Any Notorious Monster/ checks impossible to gauge will award points to people that helped kill it. Exception atm is dynamis zones. Dynamis awards no points except for the end bosses. The higher level the mob the more it awards and if it's a mob that actually requires a substantial group to kill it will award bonus points.
2. You can trade merits into points directly. Mentors is 1 merit = 1k nonMemtor 1 merit = 250 points.

All trades are done in bazaar zone at big crystal Prov. Protcrystal. The augmenting item is call Coin of Balance. At the crystal trades are:
1. Trade 1 gil to receive 1 coin
2. Trade 2 gil to get 6 coins
3. Trade 3 gil to get 12 coins
4. Trade 4 gil to exchange 1 merit for points
5. Trade 5 gil to exchange 10 merits for points
If you don't have the points or merits avail you can get anything.

Augments from this system have no negitive effects as they do with the V and J egg system and the coins are not sellable or tradeable. each coin is 1k points to recieve

Items to augment currently is every item currently able to be augmented through V J and G eggs with the negitive removed. Just trade the armor piece and coin and good luck.

The crystal will also remove an augment with item plus 50k gil.

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