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Mentor Guide

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Mentor's Guide to: Leveling, Moogles and Mentor Shop Items!

What Mentor mode is and how to activate it!
Mentor mode has different settings to play on this server. Very similar to retail, except there are some handicaps and some perks.
8-) Over 30 mins of playtime you can get your choco whistle from mentor crystal in !bazaar zone. Just click it and you have it 8-)
  • x1 experience (compared to x4)
    x1 movement speed in combat zones (compared to x2)
    NO fields of Valor pages or buffs

  • 400% movement speed in city's (still a work in progress)
    Custom Moogle shops/buffs level appropriate for retail camps
    Endlessly rechargeable Chocobo whistle (can use in most zone)
    Other supersizes and still working on adding more!

Making a Mentor and activating it.
First thing is first! The conditions to making the character are as follows:
  • Character Must have less than 30 minutes of playtime
    Character Cannot have an active fields of valor page
    Character Cannot be greater than level 1

Once these condition are met follow these steps!
  • Step 1:
    Create a character exactly like you would an alt character (we advise you make a new account for this).

    Step 2:
    Visit the Bazaar zone by typing "!Bazaar" into the chat. This command will send you to the "Bazaar zone" we have implemented.
    Once there you will see a Crystal.
    New players / non-mentors: Click the crystal if you wish to become an mentor.
    Existing players / Mentors: Click the crystal if you wish to have your icon set to mentor. if you do not already have one.
You're long journey begins here! Once you reach level 10!
Valkurm Dunes(Levels 10-15)
Mentor Shop
Moogle locations are (G-8) (F-8) $(H-8)$

Items for sale:
  • Entrancing Ribbon
    Gelong Staff
    Pildrim's wand
    Gust Claymore
    Gelling Axe
    Hydro Axe

Camps as follows:
  • (D-7) Lizzards and Rabbits (Levels 10-12)
    (J-8) Crabs & Flys (Levels 12-15)
Korroloka Tunnle(Levels 14-18)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(K-8)$

Items for sale:
  • Njord's Mask
    Njord's Jerkin
    Njord's Gloves
    Njord's Trousers
    Njord's Ledelsens
    Nemain's Crown
    Nemain's Robe
    Nemain's Cuffs
    Nemain's Slops
    Nemain's Sabots
    H.kazu Hachimaki
    H.kazu Gi
    H.kazu Tekko
    H.kzau Hakama
    H.kzau Kyahan
    Enyo's Mask
    Enyo's Brstplate
    Enyo's Gauntlets
    Enyo's Cuisses
    Enyo's Leggings
Qufim Islnad(Levels 18-23)
Mentor Shop
Moogle locations are $(H-7)$ (H-6)

Items for sale:
  • Silena
    Mrc. Greatsword
    Cruel Spear
    Cruel Scythe
    Burnite Shell
    Auriga Xiphos
    Almogavar Bow

Camps as follows:
  • (H-7) Worms and Crabs (Levels 18-20)
    (H-6) Crabs and Pugs (Levels 20-23)
Middle Delks Tower(Levels 23-28)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(H-7 Sixth Floor)$

Items for sale:
  • Nadrs
    Military Spear
    Artemis' Wand
    Phobos's Mask
    Phobos's Cuirass
    Phobos's Gnt.
    Phobos's Cuisses
    Phobos's Sabat.
    Ea's Tiara
    Ea's Doublet
    Ea's Dastanas
    Ea's Brais
    Ea's Crackows
    Bodb's Crown
    Bodb's Robe
    Bodb's Cuffs
    Bodb's Slops
    Bodb's Pigaches
Sauromugue Champaign(Levels 28-31)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(G-7)$

Items for sale:
  • Sweet Sachet
    Olibanum Sachet
    Musk Sachet
    Mille. Sachet
    Civet Sachet
    Balm Sachet
    Attar Sachet
    Thug's Jambiya
    Melampus Staff
    Astaroth Cane

Garlage Citadel(Levels 31-34)
Moogle location is (G-7)
Crawlers Nest (Levels 33-37)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(I-9)$

Items for sale:
  • Buc. Scimitar
    Tortoise Shield
    Demonic Sword
    Risky Patch
    Mycophile Cuffs
    Rambler's Gairters
    Rajas Ring
    Tamas Ring
    Sattva Ring
East Ronfaure [S](Levels 32-41)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(I-9)$

Items for sale:
  • Minstrel's Dagger
    Macha's Crown
    Macha's Coat
    Macha's Cuffs
    Macha's Slops
    Macha's Pigaches
    Hikazu Kabuto
    Hikazu Hara- Ate
    Hikazu Gote
    Hikazu Hakama
    Hikazu Sune-Ate
    Enlil's Tiara
    Enlil's Gambison
    Enlil's Kolluks
    Enlil's Brayettes
    Enlil's Crackows
    Deimos's Mask
    Deimos's Cuirass
    Deimos's Gnt.
    Deimos's Cuisses
    Deimos's Leggings

West Altepa Desert(Levels 41-44)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(H-7)$

Items for sale:
  • Vampiric Claws
    Voyager Sallet
    Rain Hat
    Resentment Cape
    Vilma's Ring
    Luzaf's Ring
    Intruder Earring
    C. Melon Tank
Quicksand Cave(Levels 44-52)
Moogle location is (I-10)

Camp location:
  • Head east from previous beetle camp.
    There is a small opening where you will find QSC entrance
    Once zoned inside of QSC you will find the moogle and camp right around the corner!
    You're EXP targets are Helm Beetles and Antica.
Wajaom Woodlands(Levels 52-58)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(G-8)$

Items for sale:
  • Soboro Sukenhiro
    Schwarz Axt
    Immortal's Shotel
    Galkan Dagger
The Boyahda Tree(Levels 52-58)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(I-9)$

Items for sale:
  • Corsair's Knife
    Sentinel Shield
    Swift Belt
    Jalzahn's Ring
    Storm Zucchetto
    Storm Manopolas
    Storm Gambieras
    Parade Cuirass
    Rapparee Harness
    Gloom Breastplate
    Gaudy Harness
    Wyvern Mail
    Nokizaru Gi
    Shikaree Aketon
    Shm. Hara-Ate
    Glamor Jupon
    Aikido Gi
    Cerise Doublet
    Duende Cotehardie
    Numbus Doublet
From here on out I will not be showing shop items available.
If your eager to find out what they are, get your mentor leveled!
Aydeewa Subterrane(Levels 58-62)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(K-7)$
Bhaflah Thickets(Levels 61-65)
Mentor Shop
Moogle location is $(F-9)$
The Boyahda Tree(Levels 65-70)
Moogle location is (K-7)(after sliding down the waterfall!)
EXP targets:
    Bibkini Bay(Levels 66-73)
    Mentor Shop
    Moogle location is (G-10)
    Lufaise Meadows(Levels 70-75+ Merit)
    Moogle location is (?-?)TBA
    Mamool Ja stagging point)(Levels 70-75+ Merit)
    Moogle location is (?-?)TBA

    I look forward to seeing more mentors here on ERA and thank all the mentor supporters. Please do keep in mind
    our Devs, Admin, and GM's work very hard to make the game pleasant for everyone so don't forget to thank them!
    This mentor guide is not officially set in stone and things may be change it's a work in progress. Any feed back ideas or complaints
    may be made in a polite manner on this forum.I would also like to remind the non-mentor players that playing a mentor is rewarding and hard work so
    before you get angry about things only obtained by mentors. Mentor is open to all players and no one is excluded, and don't forget
    non-mentors are rewarded as well in different manners I.E.: x4 EXP!
    Thanks again for all your support and don't forget to check out our donation perk list as well! Long live ERA!

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