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Era uses the lettered egg items to help player receive random beneficial augments on certain pieces of gear. This can be done at the Runga-Kopunga NPC in Lower Jeuno, or in the custom Bazaar zone, accessed by typing @bazaar into /say. Trading the item and the required egg(s) to the NPC results in the custom augmented item. There will usually be a small triangle arrow on the augmented item description (when highlighting the item in your inventory, or when examining someone else). Press the menu key when you see this to see the augments on the item. The forum thread, linked below, has screenshots.


1 Augment Glossary
2 Obtaining Eggs
2.1 Runga-Kopunga, the giant robot in Lower Jeuno
3 Augments
3.1 Ridill
3.2 Mercurial Kris
3.3 Kraken Club
3.4 Joyeuse
3.5 Scorpion Harness
3.6 Chatoyant Staff
4 Bazaar Zone
4.1 Velocious Belt
4.2 Prism Cape
4.3 Loquacious Earring
4.4 Brutal Earring
4.5 Walahra Turban
4.6 Haubergeon +1
4.7 Bibiki Seashell
4.8 Toreador's Ring
Augment Glossary

STAT = any of the basic stats. Random unless otherwise stated. (STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, CHR) Magic Skill = any of the magic skills. Random unless otherwise stated. Ex: Healing, Singing, Elemental, etc.

All other types are pretty self-explanatory.

Obtaining Eggs

See Custom Trades as well.
  • "V" Egg = drop. See Item Database.
    "J" Egg = drop. See Item Database.
    "A" Egg = drop. See Item Database.
    "G" Egg = sold by Pil in @bazaar for 166,666g.
    "S", "H", "M", and "D" Eggs = sold by Runga Kopunga.
    "Z" Egg and "C" Egg = used in crafting.
Runga-Kopunga, the giant robot in Lower Jeuno
  • "S" Egg = 1,000,000g
    "H" Egg = 250,000g
    "M" Egg = 350,000g
    "D" Egg = 10,000,000g

  • "S" Egg
    Augment: +Attack
    "D" Egg
    Augment: +DMG
Mercurial Kris
  • "D" Egg
    Augment: +DMG
Kraken Club
  • "S" Egg
    Augment: +Attack
    "D" Egg
    Augment: +DMG
  • "D" Egg
    Augment: +DMG
Scorpion Harness
"H" Egg
  • Augment: Random
Chatoyant Staff
  • "M" Egg
    Augment: +Magic Skill
Bazaar Zone

Trade the item and egg to the colored glowing tribal designs to augment. Target name = Pil.

Velocious Belt
"V" Egg
  • Augment 1: +1~3 STAT
    Augment 2: +30~50 Elemental Resist (random element)
Prism Cape
3x "G" Egg
Augment (one of the following):
  • Magic Crit. Rate: +1~4
    Spell Interruption Rate: -10~20%
    Magic Accuracy: +1~4
    Cure Potency: +1~4%
Loquacious Earring
"V" Egg
Augment (one of the following):
  • MP: +33~53
    Conserve MP: +5~10
    Magic Crit. Hit Dmg: +1~5%
    Dark Magic Skill: +3~13
Brutal Earring

"V" Egg
Augment (two of the following):
  • Double Attack: +1~3
    Dual Wield: +1~3
    Haste: +3~10
    Slow: +3~10
Walahra Turban

"J" Egg
Augment (one of the following):
  • Store TP: +3~10
    Haste: +3~10
    Evasion: +8~10
    Enhancing Magic Skill: +3~10
Haubergeon +1

"V" Egg
Augment 1 (one of the following):
  • Sword skill +3~8
    Great Sword skill +3~8
    Axe Skill +3~8
    Great Axe Skill +3~8
    Scythe skill +3~8
    Polearm skill +3~8
    Katana skill +3~8
    Great Katana skill +3~8
    Club skill +3~8
    Augment 2:
    DEF: +1~33
Bibiki Seashell

"V" Egg
Augment (one of the following):
  • HP/MP While Resting: +1~5 & Spell Interruption Rate: -1~3%
    HP/MP While Resting: +1~5 & Physical Damage Taken: -1~3%
    HP/MP While Resting: +1~5 & Magic Damage Taken: -1-3%
    HP/MP While Resting: +1~5 & Breath Damage Taken: -1~3%
Toreador's Ring

"V" Egg
Augment (two of the following):
  • Triple Attack: +1~2%
    Critical Hit Damage: +1~5%
    Weapon Skill Damage: +1~5%
    Weapon Skill Damage + 10% -- super rare
    Critical Hit Chance: +1~3%
    Elemental Resist: +/-1~10
    STAT: +/-1~3
    Enmity: +/-1~5
    Accuracy: +/-1~5
    Attack: +/-1~5
    Ranged Accuracy: +1~13
    Ranged Attack: +1~7

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