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[ERA] Welcome to ERA Guide.

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Welcome to ERA
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If you have to update Click Here
We have a special mode for hardcore players. Check out the Mentor Guide under the custom section in our forums.
When you have the time go through the other threads in the Custom Section It could be very helpful.

You have every Outpost Warp and Map unlocked. You have 4x exp rates and some boosted movement speed. Fields of Valor is available, but the ones in dungeons are disabled. You start with 80 inventory, 2 MogSafes, Satchel, Sack, Case, 4 Wardrobes. You still have to unlock your Mog Locker and obtain furniture for your Storage. You also have Widescan on every job, but its pretty small unless your on bst or rng. Some repeatable turn in quests gives more gil than normal. We have a working PVP zone and Puppetmaster is fully functional. Trade stacks of crystals for clusters to the Honorine (Big Purple HP Crystal) in Jeuno. Also trade your Chocobo Whistle to refill it. Don't try to trade crystals + Whistle at the same time!! If you modified your fps to reach 60fps, some cutscenses will freeze in the middle of them. Just //terminate and modify your fps back to 30 and relog and try again.

Get a Warp Ring when you have enough conquest points.

Don't trade your 10k currency to the goblin & Don't start a second relic quest before finishing the currently active one.

Stay under 5 chars per account. It screws up at 5.

Don't delete characters from your account. Random bugs can occur. If you want a character deleted please make a Ticket.

Make sure there isn't another group inside of an ENM before you enter. Only one group at a time.

While doing Promies take the portals up one at a time or risk black screen.

If your doing Maat's Cap Quest. Please take Screen Shots of the kills. Just make sure you have enough chat log to prove. For example I was on thief, it shows I stole the warp scroll from the old geeser. So just show some stuff and more importantly the "you defeat maat". Be nice if you took the SS right after the fight as well. We urge players to do this because the quest breaks a lot. Thank you.

ERA's Webpage//Wiki & FFXI Wiki

FFERA Use this. Log into ERA's website using your Login & PW you use for your xiloader. The tools tab at the top is very awesome and useful, the web site has plenty of other things to offer as well. Explore the website and the website will end up being second nature to you.

FFXI WIKI You will be using this. Change history to 2008 or it could give you the wrong info. Our server is based in the years of lvl 75 Cap. While doing quests or missions, once in a blue moon a step might be missing from a 2008 history tag. Example. The only one I can think of on the top of my head is ZM 8 Return to Delkfutt's Tower. You have to talk to Aldo to start this mission. ZM8 2008 FFXI WIKI As you can see it doesn't mention Aldo, but the year edits after 2008 does. This is a really rare case, but it could happen. Also, always DO the optional steps.

Check out ERA Wiki for even more information about the server.

Getting Around Vana'diel on ERA

I'm gonna give locations of travel npcs that you will be using a lot. You have to be level 10 before using most teleportation npcs. Explorer Moogles teleports you to cities and Outpost Npcs teleports you to outposts(duh) The're located close by the Mog House. When your ready, take the Qufim Island OP and travel to Jeuno to set your HP at one of the Honorines.

Port Windurst: Outpost NPC "Rottata" & "Explorder Moogle" L-4

Bastok Mines: Outpost NPC "Conrad" & "Explorder Moogle" K-8

Northern San d'Oria: Outpost NPC "Jeanvirgaud" & "Explorder Moogle" L-10

Homepoints are everywhere, click on every single one you come across. The're important for getting around Vana'diel. Location of all HP's The wiki list will be hit or miss, but that's with every wiki to a certain degree. Important thing is, just click on a HP when you come across one.

We have a custom Bazaar Zone, type !bazaar in cities to enter it. Few things go on in here, you can learn them with more detail using guides that are in the custom section of the forums. Make sure you talk to Grumblix in this zone to join the Goblin Mafia. Joining the Goblin Mafia will let you earn gil when you find Goblin footprints in zones that are mostly always near a zone line. Very nice for newer players. Oh yeah, no tax inside !bazaar zone, so do your bazaaring here please!

When you first enter the !bazaar zone, turn around and spam tab till you target a "Goblin Footprint". It teleports you to your home nation right next to your Outpost Warp NPC. Besides the footprint is a "Glimmering Trove" click that to go to your homepoint. I advise everyone to set your homepoint at one of the big Purple Crystals located infront of Lower Jeuno AH and Ru'Lude Gardens AH. !bazaar is a good tool to travel between your Home Nation & Your Home Point.

NPC inside of Neptune's Spire J-7 will warp you to some BCNM areas. This is a great way to get the homepoints near those areas for the first time.

The Big Moogles wearing sunglasses at Lower Jeuno and Ru'Lude Gardens AH teleports you to your home nation. They also grant you an EXP buff for newer players and a Reraise buff for everyone.

You still have to do This Quest to travel to White Gate. When you do this quest, make sure you don't have more than 499,999 gil on you and pick the gil option. Just send gil to your self from the mail system. The npc will not take any gil from you, and you will still get your Boarding Permit. If you do have 500k or more, he will take the gil and no you won't be refunded for it. Once you complete this quest and obtain your Boarding Permit, you will be able to use the white gate teleporter in Jeuno.
                                                                                                                                           Maybe if I'm feeling good.

You still have to unlock Cavernous Maws.

This Tree below the AH in Ru'Lude Gardens takes you to White Gate. Trade a "Wivre Maul" to the tree to teleport to the Greater Colibri Camp.

More teleportation to explore in Ru'Lude Gardens AH. Teleporters Most will take you near or right on top of exp camps in different zones, with Buff Moogles near by.
Few more teleporters that you can explore Raji + Shomera and Big Bird all found in Lower Jeuno. Naurmaire In Port Jeuno and Amajal In White Gate.

EXP Rings

You can obtain the normal EXP rings from gate guards and also replenish them by trading them to gate guards. Unique E X P rings cannot be replenished by gate guards.


Unique EXP Rings.

Allied Rings have a 3% drop rate from every normal mob in La Vaule S. As a THF, you will obtain one pretty fast.
Anniversary Ring, Obtained from the NM of the week custom quest started in Rulude Gardens AH.
Kupofriend's Ring, obtained from helping a group complete Promy Vahzl if your character is already past that mission. You will have to trade the "Martial Ball Invite" you obtain from completing the Promy Vahlz BCNM Fight to the NPC "Tsugumi" in Rulude Gardens, who is pretty close to the MH entrance.

Masterkey & Commands

Everyone gets masterkey, you can open doors with it. Its super useful and a big time saver for a lot of missions and quests!
!mk (masterkey, open doors)
!mh (Lets you use the Mog House in Towns)
!bazaar (send u to bazaar zone)
!thrust !pow !fly !death !chair (fun stuff see what happens)
!tele (No more asking a whm to teleport you or using teleport rings. Just go obtain the key item crystal and you can teleport to any craig from towns)
!noxp (removes your EXP buff)
!randomskin !randomskin -1 !randomskin 1 !randomskin 2 (Theres variations to this one, one will do weapons, other will do whole item sets, another will be just random gear. Remember to "/lockstyle on" with the skin you wana keep on! Its fun and purely for cool looks. Other players see you with the randomskins.

!setskin (not sure if this does anything anymore <_<)

/lockstyleset 1 (make lockstylesets from the menu and use them)
/lockstyle on (locks your current gear on for looks even after changing gear)
/lockstyle off

/pcmd add player (adds player to party)
/pcmd breakup (dissolves party, also fixes a bug if your boxing other accounts. This bug can cause you to black screen during missions and cut scenes.)
More Party Commands here
Commands for Alliance here

Custom Valkurm Emperor Pop + Custom NM Hunt + Custom RSE!

Trade a Damselfly Worm to the Mog Tablet in the Valkurm Dunes to spawn Valkurm Emperor. Use your wide scan to find the Mod Tablet, it should be semi near the out post. You may get lucky and just find the Emperor roaming around hes normal spawn area as well.

Hunt NM's and get rewards. The Npc is located at Ru'Lude Gardens infront of the AH.

Kill your corresponding NM for your race to obtain a key item, than talk to Caruvinda In Lower Jeuno J-5 next to the Guide Stone. Ask him to take out your RSE set and he will give you all four pieces as long as you have the Key Item.

Elvaan = Stroper Chyme
Hume+Galka = Da'Dha Hundredmask
Taru+Mithra = Buburimboo

Other Random Stuff

If your chat Language Filter keeps resetting. Just go to PlayOnlineViewer > data > dic and get rid of the vulgar.dicks. Once the vulgar.dic files are gone you should be able to see all sorts of cool, neat, and creative words all over the chat!

Changing FPS to 60. Go to Windower4 > plugins > settings > config.xml

Important Note Some CS's won't work with 60 fps, you will have to force close and change back to 30.

Making Gil undercut and sell crystals lawl

If your a player who thinks they will struggle with gil early on, than I advise you to level thief first. A lvl 30 THF can make some decent gil farming in King Ranperre's Tomb, lots of other options as well. Once your thief is around lvl 60 you probably can just start farming Lady Bug wings if you have no other way to make gil. Don't forget to join the Goblin Mafia in !bazaar zone for easy gil when you find a goblin foot print. Once you find enough Goblin Footprints, the goblin will have a whole new quest for you that can help with gil and obtain items you can't get from anywhere else.