[Install] How to play on Era.

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[Install] How to play on Era.

Post by Jedi » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:30 pm

How to play FFXI on ERA

:mrgreen: Gotta right click links if you want to open them up in a new tab. Will fix this once I figure it out. :mrgreen:
If your just looking how to update your FFXI clickhere

If you need the game, Install it from Here Make sure to download all four of those links. If for some reason your using Vista or 7, you will have to download the stuff from Here
If you don't have a zip program, you will need one, WinRAR. If you don't have Notepad++ you should get it, makes editing a whole lot easier for editing your settings.xml and other things.

Once you have the game installed you will need the patch files. Get the most current Patch files from Here. Pick the full patch version, Google drive or Mega, whichever works. After your done unzipping the files, open up through the folder Patchfiles_FFXI_Ver.30161227_1 > PlayOnline > SquareEnix > FINAL FANTASY XI. Once your inside the FFXI folder, copy everything. Than past it in your real FFXI Folder. Its probably located at Program Files (x86) > PlayOnline > SquareEnix > FINAL FANTASY XI. Replace all the files when it asks.
Edit: If those patch links are down, you can get the latest patch from here. If you still have trouble, can ask around on discord to get patch files from. Should be a patch file link that works in discord as well, pinned in tehsocial channel.

Now go ahead and launch PlayOnline. Its going to ask you to update, go with the flow and click update. Click Okay > Next. It should restart on its own. Click For PlayOnline Members! For your Member Name and PlayOnline ID just put 1234. Than click register > Yes > okay > login to playonline.

Now you get to update for your first time. Go ahead and delete a .dat file to trigger the file repair. It will be located at Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ROM\0 Just delete one of those .dat files in that folder. Now go back to your PlayOnline and click Check Files, click the drop down arrow and select FFXI. If some install promp pops up X it out and proceed with the file check. Click Check Files, after thats done click File Repair. This will take how ever long it takes. Once its done, click okay and exit viewer.

Next Step. Open your PlayOnline Viewer folder than Copy the "data" folder thats inside. Next. Open your FFXI folder and paste the "data" folder inside of it.

Now you need Windower4 and xiloader. Go ahead and download them. You can also use the Era Launcher from our website at the top download tab. Go ahead an Install Windower4 and open it. It will do an automatic update. After Windower updates, go ahead and close it for now.

Open up your PlayOnline Viewer folder. Change your pol.exe to pol1.exe Now get ahold of your xiloader.exe you downloaded earlier and rename it to pol.exe(Might not have to rename your xiloader) Put xiloader into your PlayOnline Viewer folder. Your polviewer folder should look like this now. You will be using your Pol1.exe for future updating & File Repairs.

Now open windower back up and create a new profile. You don't have to get all fanzy in this section yet. Just put it to a standard Resolution for now and you can change the new profile name at the top. Close windower after your done making your profile. Go to your windower4 folder. Right click edit the settings.xml. You should see the stuff of the profile you just made inside of it, should look something like this. Go ahead and put the FFERA IP in at the <args>--server ffera.com --user USERHERE --password PASSWORDHERE</args> You will be filling in User and your password the next time we come in here so it auto connects you to the server, instead of typing it in everytime. Also make sure to add this line <executable>xiloader.exe</executable> right under the <args> line. User name and Passwords are case sensitive, which we will be making in the next step.

Go ahead and close notepad++. Open Windower4 back up and highlight the new profile you just made, click launch, arrow at bottom right. It should take you to a prompt for era's server. Follow its instructions to make a login and pw. This is the login and pw thats important. This is the same login and pw your going to put inside of your settings.xml.

Things to note that might be stopping you from loggin in.

Character name already taken - If you get to the character selection screen, than you get stopped from joining the server. The name is probably whats stopping you.
Anti Virus - Tell it to accept windower and xiloader and w.e else if needed.
User Account Control - Slide the bar all the way down, second to the bottom should work as well.
Direct Play - Should be on already, if not. Its under Windows Features Enable it if its off.
Visual Studios - You need this and some other things that goes along with it. You might already have it.
FFXI Config - I don't know the deal with this. It doesn't mess with me, but for some players you have to match your FFXI config settings with your windower settings.

For Visual Studios stuff.

You can use this link that boosted uses and I'm sure a lot of other people as well. Its a pack all in one deal for the Visual Studio bs. Click Here for Hiimboosted Install Guide Try hes video guide if you still can't get connected.

The official DSP Configure Guide has links, its under common problems near the bottom of the page. I suggest everyone go and check out this page.

First install guide I typed up. If anyone has anything to add to it or think I should change. Or if I just straight up missed something, feel free to msg me on discord.