Script Macros.

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Script Macros.

Post by Jedi » Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:45 pm

Script Macros for Windower 4

This will be a guide to teach the basics on how to use .txt script macros. I will also be going over a bunch of commands. So lets get started with some basics.

What is a script macro and how does it work?

A script macro basically is a notepad .txt document. You will have one .txt script for each macro you make. The in game macro set has six lines for you to work with, while .txt scripts has infinite. Your going to be sending a command from your in-game macro to activate the .txt script. You can even start a new script macro inside of a script, which can be used in a method to skill up magic and summoner magic. You will be using macros for everything in FFXI. Changing gear from using weapon skills, casting magic to using job abilities, shooting range attacks to /lastsynth. We will get into all of that in this guide!
Where are your script macros?

Where ever you saved Windower 4. For most people it will be in this location. Image

You want to make sub folders for each job inside of your Script folder. If you don't do this, your Script folder will get over the top overcrowded and look like a mess.
Example of a script folder with sub folders. Example of a sub folder inside of the script folder. Finally here is what it looks like inside a .txt script. For whatever reason my Suppa earring bugs out and doesn't always equip back in place, this is why you see it at the bottom as well, to secure its equipped. I really need to find the root of that problem one day. :lol:

Commands Commands Commands

"/console exec" This is the command to use in your in-game macro line to trigger your .txt script. Example here.
As you can see its "/console exec THFTH/WSACCTH.txt" The "THFTH" is the name of the sub folder, and the WSACCTH.txt is the .txt script inside of that sub folder.

The other really important command is the "input" command. You will have to use "input" at the start of every line in your macro or it won't work. There's one exception to this rule, that's for the "pause" command. We will get into pause more down below.

Important!! You have to treat your .txt macro like you would in game. You can only put one line of command per line, than move on to the next line. You will see examples of this through out the guide!

ALSO! You only use input with .txt scripts. Do not use input in your in-game macros.

Now lets go over more command functions

/equip (This will allow you to change your equipment. Theres two parts of this command, you will have to type which part of the equip you want equipped)

For an example of /equip inside of a .txt

input /equip Main "Thief's Knife"
input /equip Ear1 "Suppanomimi"
input /equip Neck "Ancient torque"
input /equip Ring1 "Toreador's ring"
input /equip Legs "Homam cosciales"
input /equip Feet "Homam gambieras"
input /equip Ring2 "Rajas ring"
input /equip Head "Walahra Turban"
input /equip Back "Cerberus mantle +1"
input /equip Body "Homam corazza"
input /equip Waist "Velocious belt"
input /equip Ear2 "Brutal earring"
input /equip Hands "Assassin's armlets +1"
input /equip Ammo "Bloody Bolt"
input /equip Range "Velocity bow +1"
pause 1
input /equip Sub "Ridill"

If your /nin and Duel Wielding two weapons, you will have to put a pause for the sub weapon or it will say you don't have a weapon in main hand yet blah blah. If your 2 handing and using a strap, you won't have to do that.

input (example above, its used at the start of every line in your .txt scripts)
/console exec (whoops I'm starting to repeat my self,anyway.. This is used in your in-game macro to trigger your .txt script!!)

This command only works in .txt scripts. You can put pause 1 that will pause for 1 second. You can put pause 1.5 that would be 1.5 seconds.

This is the pause command that you use IN GAME. This command won't work inside of a .txt macro. You use pause and wait commands in between certain lines of commands. This will insure your timings better. This is all about what you feel is comfortable for you as a player. You will also need to use these when you pair up /ja and other commands.


/ja (Job Ability.)

/ws (Weapon Skill)

/ma (Magic)

/ra (range attack)

/item (Eat a consumable, or trade an item to an npc)

Also a wiki showing all the commands IMPORTANT, not all of those commands in that wiki will work on era. Doesn't mean you shouldn't test them.

Guide work in progress. This is just some basics for players who don't know anything about .txt script macros. If you want to go ahead and learn gearswap lua instead be my guest. ^^

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