KnowOne's easy install guide

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KnowOne's easy install guide

Post by Knowone » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:00 am

1. Install the game same as retail
1.a. goto website ... l_win.html download the 4 files and run the setup file. follow the install instructions

2. Download and install patch files
2.a. this will take some time off and you can download this while your downloading the game
2.b. website download the 3 bottom patches starting with the 2.1 GB one
2.c. open the patch files in order and copy/paste then over your ffxi dir
2.d. open folder ROM\0 in ffxi and delete 0.dat

3. Update the game to retail version
3.a. Run playonline, it will ask to update. Do it then it restarts.
3.b. choose existing user makeup username/pass/account id etc. its doesnt mater whats there
3.c. goto "Check Files" button and click
3.d. toggle to "Final Fantasy XI" and click. Then click check files. --note if any popups occur in any of these steps click cancel and it will continue

4. Once update is done close out. Navigate to the "PlayonlineViewer" folder and copy the file called "Data" and paste it to your "FINAL FANTASY XI" folder
note -- without this step you cant create a character

5. Download Xiloader, link ... r.exe?dl=0
5.a. move from downloads to the "PlayonlineViewer" folder
5.b. right click it change compatibility mode to windows 7 and check mark run as admin

6. Download Windower link
6.a. install
6.b. navigate to the windower folder and right click the "setings" file and open with notepad ++
note -- if you dont have notepad ++ link
6.c. change file to this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<profile name="Era">
<args>--server --username</args>

-- note on executable line you need to set the path of xiloader
-- note to make auto login after char creation change the args line "<args>--server --username yourlogin --password yourpassword</args>"

6.d. Save file closeand X it out of notepad ++, if you dont it will erase file on launch
6.e. start windower and double click "Era"

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