Cooking on a Shoestring

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Cooking on a Shoestring

Post by Enko » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:19 pm

Hi folks,

I quite like cooking, as a BST main its important for jugs and Food, so I wanted to see how cheap you can raise this noble craft.
You can make some decent gil from Cooking, it isn't going to make you Gil Rich, but it can make a nice profit.

I got to wondering today, just how cheap it could be to level Cooking without it being too tedious. Well here we go, I have spent a few hours levelling the craft as cheaply as possible. I will take it to 99. If you see an alternative, please let me know and I will modify the post.

First a few things...
A. Fishing will give you more cheap choices
B. When 5 below a synth you get skill-ups from failing, cheaper than the actual synth normally
C. A lot of synths can offset or even give a little profit if NPCd
D. Farming crystals will save you Gil !!!
E. When I say USE ADV SUPPORT I mean just once and let it wear
F. You can AH lot of these synths, I haven't bothered in the interest of speed
G. Farm Honey, LOTS of it

Ok lets kick on

01 Cap 6 - USE ADV SUPPORT Hard Boiled Egg - Fire crystal - Distilled water - Bird egg
02 Cap 10 - Orange Juice - Water Crystal 4 x Saruta Orange
03 Cap 13 - Sliced Cod - Wind Crystal - Tiger Cod NPCs for 5,600 per 99. Nice profit on this synth
04 Cap 20 - USE ADV SUPPORT Selbina Butter - Selbina milk - Rock Salt - stretch to 20 so cheap crystals. Keep all as these will be used a lot later
05 Cap 25- Beef Jerky - Buffalo Meat - Dried Marjoram - Rock-salt
06 Cap 30 - Pineapple Juice - 2 x Kahzam Pineapple
07 Cap 35 - Meatball - Hare meat (AH 200 stack ~ 17 gil) San d'Orian Flour - Distilled water
08 Cap 40 - Melon Juice - Water Melon - Thunder Melon (Tempted to go for Pickled herring, but at nearly 18 K a stack (prolly need 3) went for 2 stage, to keep it on a shoestring)
09 Cap 43 - Tomato Juice - Mithran Tomato - Rock Salt
10 Cap 49 - USE ADV SUPPORT Cinna-Cookie - Sandy flour - Cinnamon - Selbina Butter - Maple Sugar - Distilled water - Bird Egg, Its a fuck load of running around, but it;'s cheap. You may have to get a woodworker to help if there is no NPC Maple Sugar >.< or pay 9k stack on the AH
11 Cap 53 - Bretzel - Sandy Flour - Selbina Butter - Rock Salt - Distilled Water - Bird Egg
12 Cap 58 - Ginger Cookie - Sandy Flour - Ginger - Selbina Butter - Lizzard Egg - Maple Sugar - Distilled Water. These could AH but I am just going to NPC them
12a Cap 63 - Sausage - sage - Black pepper - Maple log - Rock Salt - Giant Sheep meat. You will get a lot of fails because of the woodworking, but you get the cooking skill-ups anyway... and maybe a couple woodworking. Each fail will be less materials lost than the synth would be. Win Win (NPCing makes profit too) :)
14 Cap 68 Herb Quus - Quus x 3 - Selbina Butter - Black Pepper - Bay Leaves - Dried Marjoram - Rock Salt
15 Cap 72 Pear au Lait - Derfland Pear x 2 - Selbina Milk - Honey (10k stack AH)
16 Cap 79 USE ADV SUPPORT Chocomilk - Kukuru Bean x 4 - Selbina Milk - Maple Sugar - Distilled water - Honey took about 5 stacks in total
17 Cap 83 Chamomile Tea - Chamomile x 2 - Distilled Water - Honey

Quickly cook you some pie dough Sandorian Flour - Rock Salt - Selbina butter. One stack mats should do it

18 Cap 85 Pumpkin Pie - Ogre Pumpkin - Cinnamon - Selbina Butter - Pie Dough - Maple Sugar - Distilled Water - Bird Egg - Selbina Milk

I took a farm break here as the honey sellers had doubled up to 20k Stack. 40 mins 3 stacks + 9 and 5 stacks of chips that AH for 30 k!

19 Cap 91 USE ADV SUPPORT Persikos au Lait - Persikos x 2 - Selbina Milk - Honey (Persikos are 970 each but the drinks NPC for over 1k which offsets somewhat)
20 Cap 95 Rice Dumpling - Maple Sugar - Bamboo stick - Rock Salt - Sticky Rice - Dhalmel Meat - Coral Fungus - Distilled water ** Just get 1 stack mats as you will mostly fail and get skillups due to Woodworking
21 Cap 99 Sweet Rice Cakes - Maple Sugar - Cinnamon - Sticky Rice - Gardenia Seed - Fresh Mugwort - Distilled Water

Ok 99 is close enough, hope you enjoyed the post, let me know of any alternatives that may be cheaper.

NOTE Guild points do not function on Era, so obtaining them has been customized. To receive the KI, trade the item listed below to the NPC Momiji in Lower Jeuno

Sweet Baked Apple - Patissier
Sunset Soup - Noodle Kneading
Broiled Trout - Raw Fish Handling
Witch Soup - Stewpot Mastery

NastyBoi (Enko)

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