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Era How to Fish Guide

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:48 am
by Enko
Fishing on Era

Fishing is a "craft" which seeks to find and catch the fish in the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds of Vana'diel. The Fishermans' Guild headquarters is located Windurst, though guild representatives can be found elsewhere. There you can buy and sell guild related items. Guild members beyond the rank of Novice can earn Guild Points, used to purchase items exclusive to crafters. Please note, there is NO fatigue system on Era.

You will need to equip a fishing rod and bait or lure, in your ranged and ammo slots. Then, goto any area of water and type /fish, or choose Fish from the menu. It is also possible to set a macro by simply typing /fish into an empty macro slot.
After you have started fishing wait for a bite. When the bite comes, the fish's stamina bar will appear over your head. Arrows will appear at your left and right. Hit the directional keys or move the controller's toggle the same way as the arrow. When the fish’s stamina bar is depleted press enter (or confirm) to reel it in.

Make sure to read up on your target fish to find the best area, bait and rod. Some fish will cause your rod to break if it is not strong enough. If it does you will need a high level or woodwork or alchemy (depending on the rod) to repair it.

While fishing you will occasionally fish up monsters, these will automatically aggro when landed, but you can cancel your fishing attempt at any time by hitting cancel if you choose not to fight it.

There are a number of messages that pop up when you have a bite..
Small fish: Something caught the hook!
Large fish: Something caught the hook!!!
Non-fish targets: You feel something pulling at your line.
Monsters: Something clamps onto your line ferociously!
There are others like you get a good feeling about this one, which accompany a safe bite. If your skill is high enough you may get something like "Your keen angler's senses tell you that this is the pull of a black sole!"

Guild Test Items

Every ten skill levels, you are required to prove to the guild that you "have what it takes" by catching (or buying) a Fishing item of the guild's choosing. This item can be turned in once you have reached an "8" in skill (8, 28, 48, etc.) or higher (up to the cap). Once you have the requisite skill, speak with the Guild Master, Thubu Parohren. If you don’t make the trade, you will stop getting skill-ups at the 10 (10,30,50 etc)
See the table below

Level - Item Requested - Rank Acquired
8-10 Moat Carp - Recruit
18-20 Cheval Salmon - Initiate
28-30 Giant Catfish - Novice
38-40 Gugru Tuna - Apprentice
48-50 Monke-Onke - Journeyman
58-60 Bhefhel Marlin - Craftsman
68-70 Bladefish - Artisan
78-80 Three-eyed Fish - Adept
88-90 Gigant Squid - Veteran
98-100 Tiger Shark - Expert (Must be 98 or greater and possess Anglers Almanac)

You can also improve your skill with Fisherman’s clothing thus
Fisherman's Tunica / Angler's Tunica
Fishing Skill +1
Fisherman's Gloves / Angler's Gloves
Fishing Skill +1
Fisherman's Hose / Angler's Hose
Fishing Skill +1
Fisherman's Boots / Angler's Boots
Fishing Skill +1
Fishing Skill +2

This is the end of Era Fishing Part 1, let me know if I have missed anything. Enko

Re: Era How to Fish Guide

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:18 pm
by Enko
You could do a lot worse than have a look at CTown's page for fishing skillup guide ... Ctownwoody