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Era's Rules

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Use Windower and only Windower Plugins & Addons
Do not use any outside third party programs. XI View, Mappy, and Ashita is allowed

No Haressment & Discrimination

We're all here enjoying the FFXI experience we all know and love. Please be respectful to your fellow adventurers.

Teh Social Linkshell is made up of players from all around the world. Please keep any racial, religious, and sexual slurs & jokes AWAY from Teh Social Linkshell. Theres a good chance you will offend people. If you have other private or end game Linkshells where you know the players and understand they can take your banter, that's fine. Just make sure you keep it in your private Linkshells and far away from Teh Social. We're more than players, theres actually a person on the other side of the monitor. Sometimes its easy to forget that. We aren't playing call of duty, we're playing FFXI, so give it the respect it deserves.
Please be respectful, Thank You.

No Cheating

Its pretty simple. Everyone has played a video game before, you know what cheating is. No Cheating of any kind is allowed on ERA. Since every player who gets caught cheating plays the dumb card. I'll spell it out a bit more clearly.

No Botting. Any type of bot, script, or program that allows you to play the game while not touching your keyboard, mouse, controller, VR headset, or whatever the potatos you play the game with is 100% off limits on FFERA, don't do it. What does this mean? You know what it means. Whether its botting exp mobs or gil mobs, its still botting. Whether your botting your character to run from point a to point b, its still botting. It means if you have a WHM alt and its cure botting your alliance during an event, its botting. I'm not sure I can be more clear about this. Don't try to twist the rules in your favor, it won't work. :twisted: :twisted:

Your allowed to use Send for multiboxing. After all its a Windower Addon
Your allowed to use script macros to skill up magic.
What does this mean? It means your allowed to use a .txt script that casts bio over and over again on a mob for Skilling up Magic. It means your allowed to cast cure or barfira on your self over and over again while your afk. The only time its 100% okay to afk while using a script is skilling up magic you can cast on your self. You can do this in a zone where not many people are near by, so it doesn't flood everyones chat.
Your allowed to afk and craft, example. You gotta skill up from lvl 20-27 in a craft. You can make a /lastsynth script to craft every 24 seconds, thats fine.

No Position & Speed Hacks. If your running faster than the Flash, than your either a GM, a Mentor in town, or Cheating. Also don't go teleporting to sea or sky when you clearly don't have access. Speed and Position Hacks are off limits.

No Exploiting. Please, pretty please. If your one of those lucky players who find something odd thats clearly an exploit, make a ticket right away. Don't abuse it to your heart's content. If its to good to be true, than you most likely just found an exploit. Either way, if your unsure if it is or not, still make a ticket.

If a GM catches you cheating, you will be penalized by that GM how they see fit. If a GM catches you again, your Jobs start going down to level 1 and whatever else we want to do with your account. Third time involves Khaleesi and her Dragons. Just because I didn't list every cheat that exists, doesn't mean your allowed to do it. Stop making dumb excuses that won't work


Your only allowed to have a maximum of 6 seperate accounts logged on at a time. A mule in bazaar is okay.

Hyper Notorious Monsters

Kiting & holding HNM. If your going to kite & hold a HNM, stay within a reasonable distance of its spawn location.(two-three map squares) You have to show signs your going to kill a kited mob within 10 minutes, any forms of kiting is fine. Important note while kiting. If your MOB turns yellow and others claim it, that's your fault for not keeping damage on it while kiting & holding your mob.

Note. I'm not talking about a kill + kite strategy. If you have a group and your strategy is to kite it while killing it, this is fine and the rule above doesn't apply to you. The kiting rule is for players who are 1 or 2 players trying to kite & hold a HNM around while waiting for back up.

Your not allowed to pull an HNM across the map to "hide" it. We aren't in some massive 1-3k player base server. We're a small community that is thriving well, we want the option for all types of players to be able to obtain a ToD if they take the time to go out and get it.

Understand this rule can be judged by any GM that's online at the time.

One last thing. Just because I didn't mention normal mobs or NM's like Leaping Lizzy, doesn't mean you can kite small fry NM's across the map for hours. Man up and fight to the death. Its understandable if newer players run far away, but hopefully they read this.


Real Money Trades are NOT ALLOWED. If we find out you are involved in any RMT your character won't exist anymore, no second chances. Examples of RMT would be. Buying someones KC with real money. Buying your friends account with real money. Buying someones gil with real money. Just to be clear. Donating to the server for cosmetics, flashy ws's, and chocobo whistles are different. That money goes towards the server cost, the rest is donated towards a worthy cause. For example Hurricane relief. We want our FFXI ERA World to be just that, a world of fantasy. So please use the fantasy money known as gil when making transactions. Thank you.

Account Sharing

Your allowed to share your account information. We highly recommend that you don't.
WARNING BEEP BEEP BEEP!! You better trust that person very well. If your account is caught breaking the rules it will still be punished no matter if it was you or the person you gave your account info to. SO PLEASE absolutely trust any individual before even thinking about sharing your account information.
Password changes will be more difficult or impossible for players who account share. Retrieving old accounts or items on an account, same deal. If you account share things get difficult cause theres more than one party involved. You were warned.

Dynamis Etiquette

Wins. Wins take priority over all types of farming.. If You have a linkshell event scheduled to go get some wins or even just threw a group together from Tehsocial then kindly ask whoever is occupying the zone to leave so your group may reset the zone and go get the win!

Groups. Not everyone finds enjoyment from solo farming Dynamis with a BLM mindless for hours on end. We have added 100's to drop at a 1.5% chance from statue spawned regular Dynamis mobs in all zones. If you have thrown together a group (not 6box armies!!!) and wanna go farm but there is a solo BLM inside farming then kindly ask them to join or step aside.

Solo Farmers. (BLM or BLU) Solo farmers are allowed to farm any zone they want.. Some zones are more difficult than others. If you find a free zone and would like to farm it feel free! This being said, no one owns a zone. If someone is inside that zone you want then you may enter on top of them if you wish but doing this will generally start an argument. I think I speak for the majority of the server when I say be patient. Ask the farmer how long they intend on using the zone prior to entering.. Generally you will be able to work out a compromise..

AFK. Absolutely no going AFK inside of any Dynamis zone. No brainer.. People can not reset with you AFK inside.

Multiboxing. Feel free to multibox but understand you will be treated the same way as a Solo farmer would be. This being said, Under No Circumstances can you occupy more than one zone at any given time.

Dynamis is a vital piece of endgame content for ERA. Tempers can flare, things can be said just know that at the end of the day its still a Game.. Be kind to each, reach a reasonable agreement and bottom-line do not bring your ensuing arguments to our Helpdesk.. We don't like issuing Time-outs....

Other Useful Information. Just consider them rules as well. :D
When using FFXI Wiki, change its history to a 2008 date
If your doing Maat's Cap Quest. Please take Screen Shots of the kills, Thank you.
Don't trade your 10k currency to the goblin & Don't start a second relic quest before finishing the currently active one.
While doing Promies take the portals up one at a time or risk black screen.
If your new check out the Welcome to ERA guide.

We want FFERA to be a fair place for every player. If you are caught breaking the rules you will be punished. If you believe another player is breaking the rules, please submit a ticket and give as much information as possible. Thanks for reading.