6 Boxing Limit Changed to 3

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6 Boxing Limit Changed to 3

Post by tud24301 » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:56 am

Hey everyone, Solidism/Krono here. On April 22nd, Soapytoast made the following post on discord:

“For multiple reasons staff discussed last night, we will be going forward with decreasing multi-box limit from 6 to 3 characters. This should continue to allow those of you that multi-box to still manage most content outside of a good portion of HNM. If you would like more information, feel free to ask. This will probably go live this weekend or next week”

Since the discord was flooded with a ton of random texts/topics, it makes it difficult for people to effectively voice their opinion without it getting lost later on. It took me a while to scroll back and read through it, so I thought it was best to compile the main points that were brought up. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and as a player since FFXIFree.com, I care about this server. I understand that these comments were made with the best intentions of Era, and respectfully ask everyone to consider/discuss all aspects of this change.

First, thank you Soapytoast and Warp for being receptive to other ways of handling the issues. “I do it based on what views I gather, I do not play the game, partially to avoid any bias.” -Soapy

Main Issues Presented:

1. “This server needs more people” -Sistern

2. “We need retention” -Soapy

Response: Agreed! Are armies the sole cause of low retention rates? Will this change retain the current player base?

3. “Leads to insular groups, people don't start parties in social, because people don't need to, so the people who do need parties never see anything.” -Kashiri

Response: “Why do some of the new people feel the need to 6box in the first place? It’s because they were struggling to get help. So would I blame the 6 boxers or the community?” -Hibaku
Also the server population does not help this issue.

4. “One of the large aspects no one brought up yet is zone crashes we do have, are largely due to multi boxers. curious if it had something to do with older chars then, if none of the new guys seem to be having the issue” - Soapy

Response: I personally do not have this issue despite having older characters. I experienced crashed zones when they weren’t working properly such as Limbus a few years back. The server was also unstable when zones weren’t clustered like it is now. I remember Kings would reset ToD every time that happened, motivating people to crash the server.

5. They give the impression of needing to multi-box, which can drive off new folks

Response: “I am still new to the server, I don’t know what endgame looks like yet, but I will say this. When I normally play, there are 25-30 people on mostly afk, as long as I can multibox in some compacity I am happy.” -Okole

6. “They start farming shit much quicker than others - items become much more common than they otherwise might, causing issues with costs, I mean it is an example” -Soapy

Response: There was an issue with AH prices being too high for new players to even purchase anything. Hibaku, Lusiphur and many others specifically lowered prices in order to help out. Isn’t a good thing that items are made affordable for retention rates?

7. “When we have 1 single player running HNM and giving out gear to newer folks, most people do not stay if they can progress too quickly and run out of content.” -Soapy

Response: 20 jobs, 16 Relics, 3 expansions, times 6 characters. Been playing since 2012 and I’m still not done.

8. “How many got bored cause they were handed 20m day 1 and all the HQ end game crafted gear they’d ever need?” -Buddy

Response: “The people that got gifted gear were my friends so I’m more informed on that topic... they didn’t quit over being given gear. The reasons are complicated and frankly irrelevant to this convo” - Toesocks

I can't lie, I have been guilty of giving items away since they'd fall to the floor otherwise. I did not see that kindness would be detrimental, but it was more like "anyone need genbu's kabuto?" and not "Hey, here's 50M and a KC".

9. “Which requires us to manually police individual multi-boxers and what they are doing with it, this is my biggest concern honestly” -Soapy

Response – “I would rather have the server discuss giving away gear as a problem than banning 6box, as that has far reaching affects for many of us off hour players.” - Rheko

Why does this apply only to boxers? Anyone or any LS can give out free items, ex. Turtlesoup recently quit, gave away all items, and he did not 6 box.


• “If they feel useless because you have 6 smn and now with 3 you have no versatility from your extra chars, that’s your own fault for not being more interesting, use those chars to mix up your options for 3” -Warp
R: We do have versatility, there are boxers who can play 6 different jobs.

• “Why? when it can be done with 3, cater to 4 or 5 people that want to crush content by themselves, or cater to the 50 that are trying to play with other people. “ -Lost

R: Why should we play 20 different jobs when you can beat all mobs with a select few? Because people like variety and choice. “Why play Corsair if you have bard?” is a similar type of logic.

• “Nothing better than killing Vrtra with 3 people” -Lost

R: Yes, it’s a great feeling gearing up 6 characters and getting together with 2 other armies that understand the grind of playing 6 to kill one of the hardest mobs IG.

• Is it that hard to find 1-2 other people to do endgame stuff
on your hours? -Soapy

R: In a server population like ours? Yes, it’s difficult, ask around.

• “40 people thinking why isn’t this 1 guy playing on his own server if he doesn’t want to play with us?" “Ultimate freedom is to just play on your own private server, same sense of accomplishment” -Lost
R: Because we enjoy playing with like-minded people who 6 box as well (Consolesend).

• “I have a hard time believing people left because of 6boxers? As long as a boxer is not monopolizing content, cheating, harassing I kinda fail to see how I choose to play is anyone elses business” - Dionesia

• “Have we noticed only a handful of multi-boxers are speaking up in this discussion?” -Lost

R: Rheko, Lusiphur, Dionesia, Hibaku, Byakuya, Kurokaize, Timmie, Aryajokin and myself. Definitely missing a few as I’ve been on a break. For those that don’t multibox, please add your input.

• “I have had nothing but good experiences and benefits from others boxing, I had the most help when I was solo from Hibaku and Rheko” - Dionesia

• “Lusi, that is a weak excuse. I worked 3rd shift and was still able to find time to do events throughout the day” -Lost
R: Everyone has different situations and lifestyles, hence why we play on a private server. Many of us enjoy the freedom of being able to play at our own convenience due to family, work, other commitments, etc.

• “Learn to be avesta! Give yourself a real challenge” -Soapy

R: Avesta soloed genbu. Should we lock out the use of RDM?

• “Why do people want this game to be so easy?” -Jenko. “what exactly do you do with 6boxing that you find fun?” -Soapy

R: “I go 1 char here and there too but most of time I get bored quickly and start to do other things. When I'm 6boxing I'm watching a movie or listening to music. It takes a special mind to actually 6box.” – Hibaku
Try boxing 6 different jobs and tell me it’s not challenging. Being able to tank, heal, DPS, support is extremely rewarding, or tell me that 5 blms with all Claustrums + Genie weskits, nuking doesn’t make you feel powerful. I put in so many hours to heavily gear them.

• “Isn't it kind of an entitled position to expect you'll be able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it in a game with so much content that's intended to be a social experience? I mean, I wanted to do a specific BCNM the other day and no one was interested. I said, "Oh well, I'll try again later" and chose one of the 1,939 other things available to do in FFXI. I didn't complain or level 6 summoners so I could have it right this instant.” -Valenti

R: Am I not socializing with Rheko, Lusiphur, Dionesia, Hibaku, Kurokaize, Aryajokin and Timmie? We chose to level armies, which is one of the 1,939 things available on Era.

• IF someone wants to play alone and they can, you would gimp them, just so they are forced to have to find people to do stuff?

• “In the long run.. this game was not supposed to be a solo experience. As said before, that was the whole reason a large amount of us actually like the game so much” -Soapy

R: You can be social with anyone you like (hence why consolesend was formed), but you can’t force it on people. Would you apply this logic in real life?

• “What are you using all 6 for? That you can’t use 3 for?” –Lost

R: 3 manning Vrtra!

• “We had made it clear at that time, we would consider reducing the cap down to 3 or something, when it came time that population could likely handle that”

• “We allowed 6boxing, because of the low server pop, if server pop is increasing, we adjust accordingly But one of the main aspects of all this, the population appears to be recovering as population recovers, we need to pull back on multiboxing” – Soapytoast

R: I completely agree with this! If the population is doing well, then great. But that is not the case, because we are barely breaking 100 people on peak hours. How many of those are alts? How long will this small surge of recruits last after quarantine?

Possible Solutions

“I'd say anyone with understandable gripes for this change should offer alternative solutions to the issue we did this for, rather than just complaining that it has changed” -Warp

The main goal: Get more people and retain them.

“What we need are methods to continue to promote the server through steamers. I always see a stream for Eden or Nasomi but never one for Era.” -Hibaku

Online presence paired with a loyal community base to streamline new players. Make them earn their gear on their own, but have AH prices reasonable for lower level gear. Please post other solutions below.


At the end of it, I of course will respect the decisions of the admins. I just ask that this change is done logically, considered from all aspects, and within the best interests of the server and current population. As a founding member of ConsoleSend, I am in favor of retaining 6 character armies, because the issues presented above are not directly correlated with 6 boxers *at this moment*. If there was something that was missed or taken out of context, feel free to comment. Thank you everyone, for your passion, dedication, and loyalty to ERA.
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Re: 6 Boxing Limit Changed to 3

Post by Johnnyderp » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:39 am

Hi, I spent years multiboxing my characters on this server and it's the only way I would still want to play on ERA at all. Just want to be one more voice disagreeing with this change to 3 clients max.

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Re: 6 Boxing Limit Changed to 3

Post by Lusiphur » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:58 am

If anyone is reading this and didn't know about this proposed change previously, the staff is listening to (respectfully put) thoughts on Discord. If you have an opinion for or against the change, feel free to speak your mind there. Know that a lot of the public discussion happened a few days ago, so please go back and read through what's been posted. See both sides of the argument and then through in your two pesos.

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Re: 6 Boxing Limit Changed to 3

Post by SpoonMan » Mon May 25, 2020 7:38 am

As Lusiphur said if you want to talk about the Staff is always open to suggestions/discussion, best place to do so i via Discord.

Please don't however be like whoever made a h*cking webpage arguing about it lol :?

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