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No Sub Required

Post by deebiia » Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:27 am

tl;dr LF players interested in a challenge: start new characters and progress through the game with no subjobs.

Greetings everyone

Who uses the forums? Anyways, I've been toiling with an idea for a long time now to start up a small group of players that want an extra challenge in the game. Maybe the game is getting stale for you? Perhaps you just want to face such a challenge head on. Well, I think I have just the thing. Have you ever thought how powerful subjobs make a character? No, of course not because it's an innate part of the game and everyone uses them cause they're not fucking insane and idiotic. I am exactly those two things. Call me mad, but I'm looking to start a small group of players to make some new characters and never unlock subjobs so we can work together to progress through the game and potentially even attempt endgame content.

Some things I want to point out: there will be some "requirements" to join, this is a casual thing, and no players will be denied based on your prior affiliations with current egls on your main characters.


Have a solid grasp on mechanics of all jobs and boss fights
- Boss fights isn't incredibly important initially.
- Know your job abilities and know how and when to use them.

Communicate with the group on when you can be available to play next.
- If we get a decent following with this, we can really be flexible on what we do and when we do it.

Must have or create a character that does not have access to subjobs.
- I will suggest to not make a mentor, but that's up to you. The group might progress farther without you if you don't level as fast with everyone else.
- Preferably the character will be below level 20 if you already have a character you want to use.

Must have a reliable microphone in the event we join on discord to chat.
- We likely won't do it often, but if we get far into this we will need it.

We leave outside drama and bullshit at the door when we get together. If you're not gelling with anyone lets work something out.
- We don't need added stress into this already ridiculous challenge.

Like I said, this is a casual thing. We'll try to meet up at least once a week to level together, help each other with missions, and farm gear. If we can't meet up that week, that shouldn't be an issue, but we'll try to communicate that with the group so everyone knows what to expect. Since I'm just now posting this, it'll take awhile to gain some traction, so it'll be a month or so, I presume, before we get anything started. After all, this is an experiment. This is something that came to me and I thought I could run with it. If it doesn't gain traction, maybe I'll try it on my own, but just leveling to 75 with no sub by myself sounds boring. I dream to see a bunch of 75's with no subjobs taking down PW or god forbid, AV.

For more information, please message me on Discord @deebiia or in-game /t deebiia. If you're interested in the challenge, tell me and I'll see what we can get going.

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