Rules for asking for a Gm and Ticket making

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Rules for asking for a Gm and Ticket making

Post by Knowone » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:09 pm

Tickets are for game problems exploits and bugs not player mistakes.
Example: I lotted an item then then warped out before it dropped to me and now the item floored.

There should only be 3 reasons to ask for a GM in game. If these 3 rules dont apply to you then you need to make a Ticket.

1. You have made a ticket and have been responded to contact a GM when online. -- should be most common

2. To report hacking or botting as it is happening

3. If you are in a party style mission and are stuck where it would make the rest of the group have to start over.
example: would be your on 3rd floor of Promy Mea and you are black screened in a porter

Do Not contact because of:
example: does not mean you got to the bcnm and everyone can enter but you because you missed a step or something.
example: party loot floors or auto sorts to another player.
example: you die in a bcnm and didnt get win credit
--- These issues would require a ticket.
The 1st example could take 30 mins to a few hours to figure out, reading code, finding what step you are on ect, ect. and patience is required
the other 2 bottom examples are fairly easy once you complete a ticket.

Making a Ticket.

Go Here

Tickets need to have:
1. Subject, Something that lets us know what the ticket is about, if its just some random remark AKA "look at this" its going to be trashed
2. Char name, if its not your char name that the ticket is about say your alt then make it your alts name please.
3. The info, be descriptive of what happened or is the problem
4. Evidence, we need screen shots!

Remember GM's are players too. We give our time to help others with nothing to benefit ourselves. We are not always around and sometime we want to play ourselves. This is our escape also.

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