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Recent updates

Post by Lusiphur » Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:53 am

Hello, Era players and visitors! This is just a "quick" run down of some recent updates to the server! There have been additional adjustments you can find listed in our Discord server's Announcements channel.

Fields of Valor / Grounds of Valor

Some of the biggest recent changes for all players have been concerning Fields of Valor / Grounds of Valor.

valor.png (179.68 KiB) Viewed 1292 times

Grounds of Valor is a training system in which players can take on voluntary training regimes to slay a number of specified enemies in an assigned period of time. Former retail players will know these as the books available in indoor areas. Grounds of Valor regimes are now available all across Vana'diel!

Both Valor systems are now limited to single parties or less only, meaning alliances of parties will not receive credit for target kills.

In addition to this, a tiered system of EXP rewards on completion has been implemented.

Full(er) parties will get the retail base amount. Lowman groups of 2-3 will get a bit more, and solo characters will get the a bit more than them.

Realize that the bonus to smaller parties isn't anything mind-blowing when you consider the kill-speed difference of a soloer to a larger group. It will help those who find themselves short on time for a session or playing during a time when others might not be readily available to EXP with them.

Keep in mind, a party of 6 killing Tough or stronger mobs will far outweigh any potential bonus anywhere just on outright EXP/hr. It is ALWAYS going to be the optimal path. You can get more EXP per kill in excess of most page rewards with a ring on if you target the right mobs and perform well!

We will monitor the results of this change to ensure it benefits the state of the server.

Custom Drops

Numerous custom drops have been added to BCNMs and tier 3 ZNMs! Many of these drops were missing due to unimplemented battlefield content. for now

LameDuck_2020.08.26_063046.png (249.44 KiB) Viewed 1292 times
The following BCNMs saw new item pools added:

-Petrifying Pair
-Under Observation
-Up in Arms
-Wings of Fury

Economy Changes

We saw numerous adjustments to move players towards buying and trading items between each other more. The server population, which saw a dip in late 2019, has recovered to a point where these custom changes are no longer required. Among them, the most noticeable are:

LameDuck_2020.08.26_062313.png (155.06 KiB) Viewed 1292 times
-Fishing Guild shops have original stock/limits.

-Whatever magic had been used on the Guide Stones around Jeuno has been exorcised. They will no longer sell their custom wares to players.

-The Ru'Lude Gardens NPC Crooked Arrow has been slapped around and set straight. If you used him primarily to sell items to, there is a Mithra down the steps but please research the items you're going to sell on the AH. Remember, you have unlimited slots!

These changes mean that many ingredients and final products from Alchemy and Cooking will now be sourced from other players, rather than purchased from an NPC.

If you're a new visitor here, the large gap in updates between this one and the last is due to all updates being posted to our Discord. We will now begin posted regular updates to our website again.

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