Server Update coming in May

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Server Update coming in May

Post by Dave » Wed May 08, 2019 12:53 pm

Quick rundown of the changes to be expected (Notes);

The Server will be updated to version 30190430_0. There is needed master quest code updated & master mission code update from DSP (Please ticket problems as any custom quest or mission can now have a bugs)

In addition;
  • Group food has core coding now
  • Perfect dodge is 30 seconds + mods
  • Curaga earring coded
  • Ladybug wings drop from ladybugs in La Vaule [S]
  • Mighty Strikes now makes WS's crit
  • Magic Accuracy on a Magic Burst will get a significant boost
These changes should be live by the middle of the month. Stay tuned to our discord for further details

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