fixing setting from 2/13 update

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fixing setting from 2/13 update

Post by Knowone » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:26 pm

open you USER file inside your FFXI Dir. you fill have files that are encoded with a hex number. So open up your calculator app and set it to programmer mode.

2 ways to do it

1. type the id number in the hex field and get the decimal number then take that decimal number - 21808 = ? then convert that decimal back to hex and change the file name to the new hex number
so for knowone its 57288 - 21808 = 35480 convert to hex is 8a98
rename and overwrite file dfc8 which is 57288 in hex to 8a98

and open these 2 web pages.
this is your old charid number page:

this is your current charid number:

type in your char name in both and get the ID in the top. example mine is
id = 57288 in hex thats dfc8

id = 35480 in hex its 8a98

so delete you current file named 8a98 and change the name of file dfc8 to 8a98

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