01/02/2019 Update

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01/02/2019 Update

Post by Run_Away » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:32 pm

This is a list of Updates that happened recently or were just implemented in Jan 02 2019 Update

  • Website now features a weather checker!
  • Can Share Posts on Social Media
  • Tools for Streamers to boost their channel
  • can buy broken mith rods
  • moogle in dunes wont freeze you up anymore
  • fixed text issues with 3 npcs in jueno
  • food duration fixed
  • lamia/merrow tp moves and weapon breaks
  • runic portal will take IS but dont need permit, retail updated
  • call for help works
  • other can see you helm
  • ziz family can sleep
  • new nms:
    Cookieduster Lipiroon, Prankster Maverix, Burlibix Brawnback, Habergoass, Grand'Goule, Spacknuck, Marquis Sabnock, Bistre-Hearted Malberry, Celeste-eyed Tozberry, Donnergugi, Mind Hoarder, Hundredscar Delsolee Hazmat, Suppespine Mujwuj, Gwyllgi, Zizzy Zillah, Trembler Tabita, Naa Zeku the Unwaiting, Slippery sucker, Gloom eye, Be'Hya Hundredwall, Okyupete, Centipedal_Centruroides
  • EXP buff from moogle has been changed, it will only be provided for new players with their first job to 70+
  • new NM hunt
  • Crossbow bolt and wooden arrow converted to all jobs
  • Kaduru-Haiduru NPC Added
  • zones which allow mounts/mazurka will be adjusted in the next update, we will be allowing them in dynamis still but removing from bcnm and similar zones.
  • mob roaming enabled

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